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Training Program


"ACOPIA School" is led by an international exchange NGO named "Asian Hope Camp Organization" located in Mapo District (Hongdae) in Seoul and a K-POP Support company called "Korea Plaza Hiroba".

ACOPIA School is not a formal school, you will be able to learn Korean while having dance and singing lessons.

We will also provide audition support to help you follow your dreams! 


Basic conditions of ACOPIA School Training Program

Korean language ability is not required, but please try to study as much as possible beforehand.

・Participants should be attending school in their home countries although it's possible to be enrolled if it's not the case.

・There is no age limitation to study at ACOPIA SCHOOL .

・If you cancel your application after you had paid the enrollment fee, please note that you can not be refunded.

You must have consent from your parents.

・A strong motivation to study abroad in Korea.

・Participants have to agree to be filmed during the duration of their stay at ACOPIA School.


Cancellation Policy

Deposit: Deposit is part of your study abroad fee. It will not be refunded if canceled after you paid for it.

However, it can be used for any other programs within 2 years.

Cancellation prior to study abroad: In case of cancellation by one month before the start of study abroad after paying all the study abroad fee, it will be refunded only for tuition, accommodation fee and guardian support fee. However, in the case of cancellation within 1 month from the scheduled start date of study, it will not be refunded. This amount can be used for any other programs, within 2 years from the time of cancellation.

Cancellation after the start of study abroad: There is no refund when returning home on the circumstances of the participant himself / herself after the start of study abroad, or if his/her stay is interrupted halfway.

Be sure to agree with the above before applying.


Auditions and conditions of trainee training


All the students attending ACOPIA School are trained from a company called Acopia Entertainment. If you are interested in auditioning, practicing and debuting in the entertainment industry, please let ACOPIA know. ACOPIA will support you in advance preparation, procedures, negotiations and scheduling of the audition during your stay in Korea. We will show you where and when the audition will be held, and the ACOPIA staff will accompany you as much as possible.

As for trainee's contracts, at the beginning of the period, they often proceed without a contract with an entertainment company. If you need to make a trainee contract, ACOPIA will contact the trainee's parents about it, obtain a decision and permission from them, and then make a contract with the Korean entertainment company as a guarantor. When signing a contract, parents must come to Korea to attend to the meeting and sign the contract.

The K-POP entertainment world is often a harsh world. If trainees are judged to be unable to fulfill the entertainment company's expectations they can break the trainee contract. In that case we will consult trainees and their parents if the trainee would like to audition for another company.

If you want to work for the entertainment company after becoming a trainee, you will have to go to the immigration office with ACOPIA and get the permission to do so. Also, if any income is generated from the practice activities, the responsibility changes from ACOPIA to the entertainment company which will help you to get an "entertainment business visa".


ACOPIA School believes in you so please be proud to become an ACOPIA School student!

■ACOPIA School Training Program Application Form

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Explanation materials for studying abroad at Korean High School (2019)
ACOPIA SCHOOL 韓国留学説明資料 2018.12.pdf
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Contact Phone Number from Japan

K-POP study abroad

 → Domestic call : 050-5218-5716

KPOP Camp/Training Camp

 → domestic call : 050-5329-2667


You may not receive e-mails from your PC.

acopia.kpop@gmail.com --> I will send it from the address of .Please accept this address before applying.