October 24 (Wednesday) to October 29 (Monday) 5 nights 6 days



South Korea・Seoul 



> K-POP class (Dance and Vocal training, etc) 

> Korean class (Korean Art High School visit)

> Culture and language exchange with students 

> Music program viewing

> Lotte World, lessons with popular dance studios!!

(Note: The contents are subject to change. We ask for your understanding.)



None! However, participant must have strong enthusiasm towards K-pop and Korean culture. Other than that, Everyone who is over 14 years old is welcome to apply!  

*There will be an English-speaking staff to assist you at all times. 



Limited to 20 participants


1330 USD


★K-POP Camp Gallery>>



Send Application


Pay Deposit 320 USD (Paypal or Bank Transfer)


Get Email from Acopia


Pay Full payment 1010 USD


Get information of KPOP CAMP


Arrive in Korea








10/24 (wed)

15:00 Pick up at Incheon Airport

16:00 Departure from Korea Incheon Airport to Hongdae

17:00 Acopia cafe assembly → Orientation

18:00 Guesthouse arrival

19:00 Dinner at Saemaeul Restaurant

20:00 Free Time

22:00 Going to bed



10/25 (thu)

8:00 wake up > Breakfast> Depart from guesthouse

10:00 Kpop Dance Lesson (2h)

12:00 Lunch (Black Noodle and jjampong)

13:00 Kpop Vocal Lesson (2h)

15:30 Korean Lesson (2h)

18:00 Dinner

20:00 Return to dormitory

22:00 Going to bed


10/26 (fri)

8:00 Wake up > breakfast > depart

10:00 Korean lessons (2H)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Audition at Hiroba School

17:00 Painters Exhibition

18:00 Dinner

20:00 Return to the guesthouse

22:00 Going to bed


10/27 (sat)

8:00 Wake up > breakfast > depart

10:00 Traditional experience and wear Hanbok in Myeongdong

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Visit 1Million Studio

Free Time in Myeongdong

19:00 Dinner 

21:00 Return to the guesthouse

22:00 Going to bed


10/28 (sun)


Free Day!!


10/29 (mon)

9:30 Leave the guesthouse

10:00 Acopia Cafe Meeting

10:15 Farewell Party

11:00 Depart for Incheon  Airport

12:30 Arriving at the airport



Featured Content



1MILLION Dance Studio is famous for choreographing for big entertainment companies like SM Entertainment (Boa, Girls' Generation and f(x)), YG Entertainment (2NE1), and JYP Entertainment (Wonder Girls, Miss A, and GOT7).



Do you know Mina? She is a member of the famous girl group “Twice”! She used 1MILLION dance studio's choreography in Sixteen (a reality girl group survival show created by JYPE and MNet).




 More details can be found here: 1MILLION Dance Studio

◆Joint audition  ( only people who are interested )

◆10月26日 ACOPIA Joint audition


During last February's audition, 3 Japanese participants (2 girls and 1 boy) had signed a trainee contract with an entertainment planning company!


During last May's audition, 7 participants were invited to join a second screening! We are rooting and supporting their preparation! 


Junior high school students who love KPOP or anyone under 23 years old can participate in this "joint audition"! 


Video (above) The girl in the video, Amane, received a total of 4 trainee contract offers from companies,

namely: TS Entertainment, KIWI Entertainment, A100 Entertainment, and LIP Entertainment.


Video (below) Mako-chan from ACOPIA school who passed the KPOP camp in August 2016

and passed the final stage as a JYP trainee by ACOPIA's support in February 2017! 


◆Korean Language Lessons


Korean lessons are held everyday at the ACOPIA school. Day by day, you will surely learn and master the Korean language! You will be given the chance to practice your Korean speaking skills by conversing with a Korean, learning how to sing popular KPOP songs, watching Korean films, and viewing other educational videos.


◆K-POP Lessons


With popular K-POP songs, you can take dance lessons and vocal lessons.

It is a valuable opportunity to learn the latest choreography from Korean professional dancers!


◆ Seoul City Tour


What to do in Seoul?

There are so many things to do! Eat delicious Korean BBQ from the numerous restaurants found in almost every corner! Feeling like a king or queen? Visit several palaces and get a chance to wear Korea's national costume called Hanbok! Want to belt out to your favorite KPOP songs? There are countless of Noraebangs (Karaoke) to satisfy your fangirl/fanboy needs. Inspired by Korean fashion? There are endless shops lined up for you to indulge in. 


We can also guide you to popular spots such as theme park "Lotte World" and musical "NANTA"!

■ Korean Teachers

Song Jin Hee

Graduated from Sho Ming University in February 2010 majoring in Japanese Literature

・Was an exchange student for 1 year at Kumamoto Prefectural University 

Completed her Korean Language Training Course at the Korean Foreign Language University

Acquired a 3 grade certificate as a Korean language teacher in March 2010

Korean Language Institute near Hongik University 6 years (2010-2016)


Everyone! The beginning of learning a foreign language is important . Would you like to start learning Korean with Dr. Jin Hee?

Kim Na Young

Graduated from Shen Ming University College in February 2011 under the Department of Japanese Education

Worked as a Japanese interpreter at the Korean Tourism Organization 

Worked as an Education manager for the faculty

Works as a consultant for global business 

Finished her graduate studies at the Korea University Education Graduate School , majoring in  Korea Language Education 


I am looking forward to seeing everyone interested in Korean and Korean culture! I'm happy!


An Hyemi

Graduated from Suntuni College in August 2013 under the Department of National Language and Literature

Was an Exchange Student at Osaka Gakuin University for 1 year

Worked as a Korean Lecturer at Japan-Korea Cultural Exchange Institute (Osaka)

Japan-Korea Trade Business





Hello! I am looking forward to the time to smiling and having fun with you.



◆ Guesthouse: near entrance of subway line 2


Secured luggage facilities / 24-hour security / Air-conditioning & heating / Laundry /

Hair dryer/ 24-hour hot water / Free Wi-Fi / Fully equipped kitchen / Courtyard /

Lounge with TV, PC / Shared bathrooms


<KPOP Camp Participant Testimony> 


"I have learned a lot during the camp this week! People from various prefectures had gathered, walked about the streets of Seoul, and received a lot of lessons. It was a week full of various inspirations! It seems like a lie now that the unfamiliar atmosphere when joining at the airport is now, everyone was able to get along and enjoyable. People who like K - POP had gathered, talked about various Koreans, and provided information. It was really fun! Aside from those, we also ate delicious food for dinner at a restaurant."


<Year-end Tour Camp Participant Testimony> 


"The first thing I felt when I came to Korea was that the people were very warm. However, when I interacted with Korean students, I was very nervous. I can only speak a little bit of Korean, so I was very anxious if I could communicate well. Nevertheless, I worked hard and tried to talk in Korean, while my Korean friends also tried hard in speaking Japanese."




★Please pay deposit with Paypal or bank transfer within 72 hours from application.

※Deposit is part of the full participation fee and is not returned upon cancellation. It can be used for two years at Kpop Camp or other programs of Acopia, which require the same deposit.