K-POP experience for Middle and High School students 



Are you a fan of K-POP? Do you like singing and dancing? Do you want to experience living in Korea and learn how to speak Korean?

If your answer is “Yes!” to at least one of the questions above, then ACOPIA School’s training program is just for you!






1. What is ACOPIA School?

2. Training Program Description and Inclusions

3. Training Program Exclusions

4. Fees

5. Schedules

6. Instructors

7. Application process

8. Rules and Regulations

9. Risk and Crisis Management




1.    What is ACOPIA School?


ACOPIA School is a dance/vocal academy run under the ACOPIA Entertainment division. This division, specialized in K-POP activities, is also hosting one-week K-POP Training Camps 5 times a year and provides intensive lessons for those who wish to take Auditions in famous Entertainment companies.



At ACOPIA School, you will learn about Korean culture, have Korean lessons, singing lessons, dancing lessons and Korean cooking lessons. It will also be an opportunity to meet with other international students who share the same passion for Korea as you.


"What will I do if I apply for ACOPIA Training Program?"


2.     Training Program Description and Inclusions


1.    Korean Language L1essons

 Depending on your level, you will be allocated to one of the two groups (beginner or intermediate), and you will learn how to read and speak Korean. Your Korean proficiency will be decided by your instructor.

2.     One-on-One Lessons


Review any points you did not understand in a one-on-one session with a native Korean speaker. You will be able to focus on your specific needs and practice with someone.  

3.     K-POP Dance / Vocal Lesson (K-POP Course)

During the K-POP dancing and singing lessons, you will learn the latest and hottest K-POP dances and songs. Both classes will be held twice or three times a week depending on your level. In the singing lessons, you will be trained how to pronounce Korean and will learn the meaning of lyrics.


4.     Audition support


If an audition is held during your stay at ACOPIA, you can participate for free. We will provide support and other audition information if you decide to take the auditions. Several foreign students have been accepted into K-pop Entertainments!


5.      Accommodation booking


During your stay in Korea, you will either stay in ACOPIA’s Share Houses with other international students, or, depending on availability, we will book accommodation for you in our Guest House.


3.     Training program exclusions

  • -  Food Expenses (there are cheap restaurants around ACOPIA School for about $5 per meal)

  • -  Transportation expense ( subway and bus service are about for $2USD one journey (distance is not taken into account) 

  • -  Textbook fee: $200 (optional purchase)

  • -  Uniform cost: $300 but you do not have to buy it. We made it available in case you wish to join SoPA (School of Performing Arts) later on or keep it as a memory.

  • -  VISA: ACOPIA School can send you its business registration certificate and an invitation letter for you to apply for a VISA, but ACOPIA School will not make a VISA application for you.

  • -  Insurance costs

  • -  Roundtrip Airfare

  • - Other personal expenses 

4.      Fees (converted from JPY)


ACOPIA boarding house (USD)

Home stay (USD)

1 Month



2 Months



3 Months



4 Months



5 Months



6 Months


19 700

  • -  Included in the above prices are: admission fee, tuition fee, accommodation, airport pick-ups, drop-offs, additional transportations and translations altogether.

  • -  A 320 USD administrative fee payment will be asked to be made first. This payment will be deducted from your full fee upon your second payment.

  • -  Refund on cancellation of administrative fee is impossible, but it is valid for two years following your initial payment to join ACOPIA School or a K-POP Training Camp.

  • -  Please understand that once your training program has started, under no circumstances will there be any refunds. 


5.   Beginner lessons schedule

Intermediate lessons schedule

6.    Instructors



 Suyoung Park (パク・スヨン 박수영)

Graduated from Chuo University College of Art

2006 singer backup activity

2008 miscoria choreography instruction

Broadcasting dance instructor

Corporate employee lesson lecturer


YKnow (チャワンホ )


- Gaduated from practical music department of Ahyeonsei Industry Information School 2010


-          2012 graduated from Baekje Art University, practical dance department


-          Golden Disk award ceremony - Backing up Crayon Pop


-          M Music Dance Academy Specialist Teacher


-          Olympic Memorial Hall Dance Instructor [K-Pop ClassM Music Dance Academy Specialist Teacher]


-          GRAVITY Culture Ground’ 講師[Choreography Class]


-          Wawa Dance Academy Mapo Instructor [Urban Class]


-          SMTOWN COEX Artium Dance Trainer




7.    Application process


Application must be over 13 years old and under 23 years old.




You can apply for the training program any time. As the schedule is renewed every month, your training period will start on the first day of the month following the finalization of your admission.




To apply, send us an email at with the following title: “Application for ACOPIA School’s Training program”. In the mail, please indicate your name, date of birth, Korean proficiency (if any), and the duration you wish to study at ACOPIA School for. We will then guide you through the admission process. This will include accommodation booking and payments.




8.    Directions and contacts





< Directions from Hongik University Station Exit 2 > 5 minutes walking distance


1.    Take exit no.2 at Hongik University Station and make an immediate left turn from there → Past Starbucks coffee, walk for approximately 150 meters until you see a pedestrian crossing.


2.    Cross the road, turn right and walk about 50 meters


3.    You will see the cosmetics store Olive Young at the corner. Turn left in front of Olive Young.


4.    Walk straight about 200 meters. When you reach the main road, you will see a white Italian restaurant called J’s on your left.


5.    Turn left from J’s and walk about 20 meters. ACOPIA School will be on your left with a poster of its logo before the entrance door. You can’t miss it!




ACOPIA School’s address:


Town: Seoul


District: Mapo Gu


Street Name: World Cup Buk Ro 6 Gil


Block Number: 60


Building Name: Deoksan Building


Floor 2, Door 202


Post Code: 03993




OPEN. Monday ~ Friday 10:00 to 18:00


TEL. 02-776-2004 (+ 82-2-776-2004) / 010-3305-4649




■ Subway ■ From Incheon Airport <Railway / Subway> Route Information:


Departure station: Airport railway Incheon International Airport station (Incheon Int'l Airport)


Get off the train station: Hongik Univ. Airport railway entrance station (Hongik Univ.)


Price: T-money card 4,050 won / cash 4,150 won


Time: 48 minutes


Transfer: None




■ Subway ■ From Gimpo Airport <Railway / Subway> Route information:


Departure station: Airport railway Gimpo Airport station (Gimpo Int'l Airport)


Get off the train station: Hongik Univ. Airport railway entrance station (Hongik Univ.)


Price: T-money card 1,350 won / cash 1,450 won


Time: 13 minutes


Transfer: None