Rules and Regulations






The program in which I participate is not a tourism product nor is it a public support program that public authority is responsible for. It is a program for international exchange and Korean cultural experience organized by a nonprofit private organization in which each participant has to provide participation fees on the principle of self-responsibility. It is carried out under the supervision of Korea Plaza Hiroba Co., Ltd.




Rules and regulations are as follow:




-          Students staying in Korea will act responsible and behave accordingly to fit in the Korean manners. This will be explained during orientation.


-          Students staying in Share Houses will share rooms with other international students. They are all required to keep their personal belongings with them and their room tidy. Stealing is of course absolutely prohibited.


-          If the student does not follow the two above-mentioned rules, shows aggressiveness, misconduct and lack of respect towards others, ACOPIA School has the right to terminate their training program. No refund will be given in this case.


-          Students are responsible for any accidents, disasters, or losses that may occur during the program's schedule.


-          Attendance in lessons is compulsory and tardiness is to be avoided.


-          A “living in community” form will have to be signed by the student upon his admission to the program.


-          Cancellation policy:


    Administrative fee: is considered "reservation money". Part of the total fees will be paid first as a reservation, and the remaining balance will be paid out when admission permission comes out. This fee will not be refunded. It will be valid for 2 years following the initial application and can be used for application to other programs.


If cancellation is made not by the student but by ACOPIA School, full payment will be refunded.


    Cancellation prior to the start of the training program:


One month prior to the start: tuition, accommodation fee and guardian support fee will be refunded.


Within 1 month from the planned start date of study and past this date: no refund. Full fee valid for 2 years for participation in other dates or programs.


    Cancellation during the training program:


No refund or validity whatsoever.