Q : I don't speak Korean or Japanese, can I still participate?

A : Of course! You will be accompanied all times by Japanese-speaking, Korean-speaking and English-speaking staff.


Q : How will I find Acopia at the Airport?

A : When you arrive in Incheon, our staff will be there holding an ACOPIA Entertainment poster so you can locate us easily. We usually wait in front of the Starbucks (next to exit 1) in Incheon airport terminal 1.


Q : Where will the participants live/stay during the K-POP Camp?

A :  The participants will stay in  dorms for the duration of the whole Camp.


Q : How will the participants get to their guest house?

A : The participants will be picked up and brought from the airport. They have to pay for the train tickets to get to Hongdae or the airport themselves.

The price is around 4600 kwon per journey.


Q : What are the requirements for the audition?

A : Concerning the auditions, there are no specific requirements except the usual ones for all auditions: singing skills, dancing skills. Although participants take both singing and dancing tests, the jury does consider the fact that one's strength might be in singing more than in dancing, or vice versa.


Q : How much time will be given to perform at audition and other requirements?

A : The audition is a total of 2 minutes and includes both the singing and the dancing part. There are no other requirements, only show your passion and excitement towards music!


Q : Do I have to participate in the auditions?

A : No. The auditions are an extra. The participation in the audition is voluntarily, if you don’t want to participate you have that time as "free-time".


Q : Can I skip an activity?

A : No, it is not allowed to skip an activity, except for the auditions. Please state early enough if you do NOT want to participate in the auditions.


Q : Can we leave the group/other participants during our free time?

A : During their free time the participants do not have to stay within their group. BUT they have to be on time for the next schedule.


Q : Are parents allowed to watch?

A : Unfortunately, parents are not allowed to watch or attend any of the classes. We hope for your understanding.


Q : Can I have information of former participants to ask them about the K-POP Camp?

A : For confidentiality reasons, we do not share the private information of former participants.


Q : What is the average age of the participants?

A : Age groups is most of the time around 18-23. Participants are between 14 and 21 years old. Average age is about 17 years old.


Q : Why do I have to pay in USD?

A : Since people from all over the world take part in the K-POP Camp, ACOPIA’s director sent the currency for payment to USD to facilitate international payment.


Q : Until when do I have to pay everything?

A : The participation fee needs to be paid at least one month before the start of the KPOP Camp. When we receive your full payment, we will send you a confirmation email and it will mean your registration will be finalized. After that, we will ask for your LINE ID for us to add you in our group chat for the KPOP Camp, and we will send you the

detailed schedule for the camp.


Q : Do I get my money back if I decide to cancel the K-POP Camp?

A : The 320 USD administration fee won’t be paid back. For the rest it depends on the time period on which the participation is cancelled.


Q : What if I am a vegetarian?

A : In case you have food limitations (lactose intolerant, vegetarian, …), please inform us in advance by sending an email to In case you miss to inform us in advance there might be additional costs (for changing the food).